Our heartbeat

Because with Him, life is extraordinary.

The heartbeat of our church is to help people connect with God and encourage them to live a life, influenced by Him. We believe that because of Him, life is extraordinary. We are passionate to create environments where people can connect, grow in God, and be inspired to live the lives God intended us to live.

Extraordinary is described as beyond what is usual, exceptional, exceeding the common measure, remarkable, amazing, marvellous and unimaginable. These all describe what a life with God can be.

We find this extraordinary life through encountering God, growing in God and sharing God’s life with others.

Encounter God’s life

Life is often described as a journey and there are many seasons and events that shape it. As we live out our own stories there is a bigger story that over arches us and that is the story of God. Our passion is to help people encounter Jesus so they can experience an extraordinary life because of Him.

Grow in God’s life

In life we find more value and meaning when we are with others or in community. Church is all about people, a community which is created and shaped by the Gospel. We are not individuals who gather just for a meeting; rather we are an extended family that God has linked and placed together for the purpose of living out His message. In the context of community the Gospel is worked out in our lives and at Lifecity it’s how we develop personally and grow together.

Share God’s life

The purpose of the Gospel message is to help people come back to God and discover the extraordinary life He has promised to those who believe. This is the mission of God and the focus at Lifecity, to see lives transformed in our city and beyond.